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    The KRAHS Kage Explained

    Dear KRAHS Influencers,

    I always loved randomly receiving new products from brands who would want me to post on their behalf. When I started my brand, I wanted to create a way to extend the same feeling to my KRAHS Influencers to show them my appreciation.

    Just like I would share new products with my friends and family, I want all my KRAHS Kage Influencers to show their friends and family what they received! Be sure to tag @KRAHS & #krahskage!

    Each quarter we are going to curate limited quantities of our KRAHS Kage influencer boxes. The box will include 1 Bikini Top & Bottom or One piece and it will be a surprise of what you’ll be receiving! In addition to the bathing suit, the box will include 3-4 handpicked items by influential celebrities and creative minds.

    The products in our KRAHS Kage Box include some of the top brands in the world that are interested in pushing the boundaries of everyday consumer products. The products we deliver span from various categories and all aim to bring beauty, fashion, and lifestyle items to your daily life.

    We’re never afraid to experiment and try new things, we hope you’re not either!

    KRAHS Kage is an exclusive box of products from my favorite brands that I know and love.

    Become a KRAHS Influencer

    To become a KRAHS influencer all you have to do is buy the KRAHS Kage… it's that simple!

    Tell Us Your Size

    When you go to purchase your KRAHS Kage, tell us your bathing suit top and bottom size so we can make sure your surprise suit is a perfect fit!

    Curated For YOU

    We pick amazing products to be featured in the KRAHS Kage from brands we absolutely love and think you will love too.

    Receive Your Surprise

    Get ready to be surprised! Each KRAHS Kage has a unique mixture of products along with a KRAHS swimsuit.

    Wear & Share

    KRAHS Kage items are not only good for enjoying but also to gift and swap with friends and family.