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    I'm Theresa! I'm the creator of KRAHS.

    My love of the ocean began in Northern California at Stinson Beach of all places. Stinson Beach isn't what you think of when you think of a California beach. It's cold and the surf is rigorous, but even on cloudy days, I'd be in a bathing suit and on my boogie board.

    Stinson made me tough.

    With inspiration from the places Theresa has called home and her childhood love and fear of sharks, KRAHS was born (shark spelled backward). Both cheeky and modest KRAHS styles can be found for every body type.

    I now live in one of the most diverse cities in the world (Los Angeles) and I have friends of all different background. I want all of them to see KRAHS as a brand they can see themselves in. In my head, I even imagine my aunt, grandma, and I all wearing KRAHS suits. I want to make unique swimwear that makes women feel empowered and proud of their bodies.

    KRAHS' first collaboration was with Selena Gomez, who had recently undergone a kidney transplant surgery and wanted to co-design some suits that covered her scar.

    A massive part of KRAHS is collaboration. I call so many supportive and inspiring people my friends. KRAHS is a testament to that and I will continue to make creativity and collaboration a priority to keep you thrilled about what's coming next.

    KRAHS releases an "influencer box" including a mystery suit and several products from partnered brands Theresa loves. It's called KRAHS KAGE and it's released quarterly in limited quantities. The box brings to KRAHS customers the same feeling Theresa used to get when she received gifts from top brands who wanted her to post about them on her social media.

    I created KRAHS KAGE as a way to show my appreciation to everyone involved in making KRAHS possible and offer a special opportunity to spread the love through social media quickly with the use of hashtags!

    KRAHS' future is bright and sunny with a high chance of more fashion and accessories.

    I take pride in everything I do - from being a reliable friend to designing swimwear that represents more women. Life is short. Show people you love them. Live presently in the moment. Check your ego. Love yourself. Love the skin you're in.

    Take a bite out of life.